High Tech Lowlife Gacha @ Lootbox

Violetility - High Tech Lowlife Gacha

The High Tech Lowlife Gacha at Lootbox includes 7 different ocular implants with a color change HUD for the accent glow, lens, and wires. Each pull of a cEYEber implant includes a left version, a right version, and another one of each with an eyelock for bento heads to keep long lashes from clipping through. The Cybercity Bench seats up to three people and the Spare Parts Stool seats one. Both have tintable light accents. The Cyber Sign and VIP Prize neon sign both include animated effects. All items are modifiable except the scripts.

The High Tech Neon is awarded as a VIP prize at L$1,000 spent on the machine.

Instead of a single rare prize, the rare is a lootbox including the Cyber Crashpad Skybox and bonus items.

NC/T versions of prizes may be exchanged at the Violetility sim for C/NT versions. Items must be unboxed except the cEYEber implants, which must be unboxed once to reveal the red box and that red box must be exchanged as a whole.

TP to Lootbox!


Neon Trio @ Red Light District

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Red Light Distric’s June round is open and Violetility has three new releases! The Neon Pillory is a modifiable BDSM pillory furniture piece with neon accents, duo animations, RLV functionality, AVfaces, and security options. The Neon Post is a bondage post with LockGuard compatibility, cuff dispenser, security options, and RLV functionality. Includes solo static poses for sub display or photography and bento duo adult animations. The Neon Sybian saddle has solo and duo animations. Each is just 2Li and manually tintable to adjust neon accents, glow strength, and light emission. Demos available at the event and in the mainstore!

TP to RLD!

Bund Bench @ Vintage Fair

Violetility - Bund Bench.jpg

The biggest vintage event of the year is finally here! Vintage Fair 2018 is now open, featuring two sims full of ways to bring a bit of the past into your present. Violetility has the Bund Bench, inspired by 1920s Shanghai. They seats 1-2 avatars and are full of bento animations and solo static poses for photography. Adult and PG versions are available, sold separately, but both styles shown are included with each purchase. The Vio booth also features several previous releases discounted to 50% off! You can find the full shopping guide and the sim guide with SLurls on the Pale Girls Production website!

TP to Vintage Fair!

Ex Boxes @ Blush

Violetility - Ex Boxes

It’s time for spring cleaning to prepare for summer lovin’! The Ex Boxes are out at Blush and include three different styles: bye kawaii, didn’t work out, and single player. Each is 1Li and includes things like games, movies, a toothbrush, and other items to return to your ex. Single Player and Bye Kawaii include two scribbled out photographs each. They can be replaced with two photos of your own using select face. They are unscripted decor but are mod to add scripts or poses.

TP to Blush!

TechnoFaun Legs @ Whimsical

Violetility - TechnoFaun.jpg

Fantasy enters the future with the TechnoFaun legs! This Whimisical event release includes an experimental Maitreya size as well as unrigged cyber hooves. Glow can be adjusted and the color can be changed using basic modifications. In the near future, and if there’s desire for it, I hope to update with a HUD and other sizes.

TP to Whimsical!

Peepshow Skybox @ RLD

Violetility - Peepshow Skybox

Ever wanted your own private peep show? You can finally experience this with the Violetility Peepshow Skybox now at RLD! At only 25Li, the peep show skybox features working doors and a scripted chair and pole! All glow accents are modifiable to amp up (or down) the glow, tint, and light projection using “select face.” Built in capability to seat up to four so you can fulfill even more of your voyeuristic fantasies!

The viewing chair includes solo enjoyment animations and duo adult bento animations. The pole includes female and male pole dances, animations for waiting around for patrons, and some self pleasure animations. If someone is brave enough to break the rules and enter the staff only room, there are duo wall and floor sex animations.

TP to Red Light District!

Synth Bed @ ROMP

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New at ROMP from May 12th – 26th! Discounted for the duration of the event only! Demo available at the event and Violetility!

♥ Comes in 8 colors – cyan, green, blue, purple, pink, yellow, orange, and red
♥ Loads of animations within solo, duo, and trio menus
♥ Solo menu has bento, play, and static submenus
♥ Duo menu has cuddles, BDSM (chained to bed), post (chained to post), and XXX submenus
♥ Trio menu has cuddles and threesome submenus
♥ Main menu and duo BDSM and Post submenus offer c/m/t basic mesh low poly cuffs with LockGuard scripting
♥ Easy bulk adjusting of pose positions
♥ Materials enabled
♥ Select face and modify accent lights to cast light, adjust glow, or change color/tint