New Releases @ ROMP

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Now available at ROMP! 7 new releases are coming from Violetility, all items are discounted for the duration of the event, plus Violetility group members get 24 hours of early access!

Gags include the latest standard OpenCollar scripts, an unscripted version, and versions with mouth animations for standard SL heads. Copy/Mod for easy updating or adding of your own scripts/add-ons!

The Saltire Sybian includes solo and duo animations, plus static duo poses for photography purposes. Sybian can be resized and poses can be bulk adjusted to suit your avatar. Pillory table with a couple of specially made solo poses by Triste. On sale for just 50L for the duration of the event! The Saltire Throne includes solo and duo animations and matches the other ROMP August furniture releases! The Saltire Bed seats up to four avatars! Includes solo lays for up to three people, solo self pleasure animations, couple animations for one or two pairs, threesome animations, and foursome animations.

The Playroom Skybox includes a plain version at 20Li and a version with all of the portraits by Triste at 21Li. Everything is mod, so you can also substitute the portraits for some pictures of your own.



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