Psycho Shower @ RLD

Violetility - Psycho Shower
The Psycho Shower at Red Light District is a modified take on a horror classic. Semi circle design to help with fitting in more bathroom sizes and shapes. Bloody or plain versions included. The shower also has solo Bento animations, Bento cuddles, and Bento adult animations and hot or cold water particle options.

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Violetility Blogger Search!


Violetility is searching for passionate and unique bloggers from October 11th – October 27th! Open to any and all genders as well as furniture & decor bloggers. To apply if you already have a Blogotex account, just come to the Violetility Mainstore and click the access point next to Vi at the front desk. If you have not used Blogotex before, you must first create a Blogotex account. In choosing blogging categories on your application, you may select multiple categories or even all three.

The updated Violetility Blogger rules and regulations are:
1. Minimum 2 posts per month.
2. Posts must provide a link to the product’s location.
3. If you have a sponsor section or equivalent, our store name or logo must be included.
4. Please add all pictures to the Violetility Flickr group.
5. Please tag the creator, Gwen Ferox, in your Flickr photos.
6. Pictures with adult themes cannot include any avatars that appear to be underage.
7. Communication is important. Please let us know if you have any issues or if you need a break so that you can be marked accordingly.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, the Violetility Blogger Manager is Chickadee Tremor.

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Coffin Chaise @ Salem

Violetility - Coffin Chaise

We’re feeling the initial brewings of the Halloween season at Violetility and Salem by Prism Events! The Coffin Chaise is out now and comes in PG or Adult versions. Each version includes texture change cushions with 12 color options plus a choice of gold or silver metal accents. They include solo Bento sits for up to two people, solo laying poses and animations, duo Bento cuddles, static photography poses, and spooky fun animations. The adult version also has plenty of Bento adult animations. PG demo is at the event and the adult version demo is in the mainstore!

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Maid Set + Unmade Bed @ RLD

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The Maid Set roleplay lingerie and Unmade Bed are out now at Red Light District! The Maid Set includes a monokini bodysuit, apron, and unrigged collar. The collar includes an unscripted and Peanut RLV scripted versions. The monokini and apron are rigged to fit Slink Physique Male, Belleza Jake, Signature Gianni, and Signature Geralt.

The Unmade Bed is discounted for the duration of the event! It includes three wood colors and a texture HUD with 8 mattress, 9 pillow, and 9 blanket texture options. It has solo, couple, and threesome animations including PG, Bento, and adult animations, as well as static poses for photography.

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Important Updates at Violetility!


We strive to provide customers with great products and service. As a result, we are in the process of switching vendor systems to ensure that you are provided with the best results, deliveries, and customer support. Throughout September, we will be swapping out our current vendors for MD Labs vendors that will, once complete, give us better tools to support customers and provide awesome new perks!

With this in mind, we are encouraging those with Violetility Gift Cards to use them as soon as possible. If you are not able to use them before the completed vendor switch, please contact a Violetility staff member to have your gift card exchanged for store credit or a new gift card. As far as redeliveries, they will all be imported into the new system! It will take some time to transfer them all and get them set up, but the old redelivery system will continue to work in the meantime.

Secondly, we are updating and retiring some older releases. Products that will be retired include items like skins, which we no longer create. They will be retired to Marketplace only to make room for new releases. Some items will vanish during remodel that are not being retired. These items will return later as they are updated. Updates will be offered for free to previous buyers as a thank you for your support!

I did say “during remodel,” so yes, the store is also getting a bit of a facelift. Since we will already be changing out vendors and updating products, we’ll be revamping some of the displays, gift cards, etc. with a goal of making your shopping experience as simple as possible.

This is all being worked on at the same time as event releases, Fall sim decoration, and big Halloween plans! Your patience is incredibly appreciated and please pardon the dust. If you have any issues during this overhaul (or any time!) please contact Violetile Resident or Selene Starflare.

VPhones @ We <3 Role-Play

Violetility - VPhones

New at We ♥ Role-Play! The VPhones include five different texture variants, light tint HUD, and 5 different Bento arms only animations that work with your current AO. 50% off for the duration of the event!

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Chain Bed Redux

Violetility - Chain Bed Redux

The Chain Bed has been revamped! Seats one to four avatars for lays, cuddles, display, or play. Poses are suitable for doms and subs of any gender identity, and include bento animations for your hands (will not break faces!). The bed dispenses basic cuffs to sitter 1 that are LockGuard compatible and provide particle chains for bondage animations. A working demo is available to test inworld in the upstairs adult section.
Menus include:

♥ sits
♥ lays
♥ self pleasure
♥ bondage

♥ cuddles
♥ massages
♥ manual sex (hand jobs and fingering)
♥ oral sex
♥ non-penetrative sex (scissoring, grinding, outercourse)
♥ penetrative sex
♥ adult bondage

♥ cuddles
♥ threesomes

♥ cuddles + foursomes

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